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SPECIALTIES  Web Site Design / Online Marketing / Social Media / Logos / Photography / Video

SPOTLIGHTING  Snow Removal / Handy Man / Construction / Painting / Gardening / Small Business / Musician / Informational

What’s involved with bringing your business online?

          • You’ll need to dream up a domain name-  [ yoursite ].com

          • You’ll need a host service to serve your site from the web.*

          • Verbiage, pictures, video, logos, colors & a general layout idea

          • Fill out our free online website design form

     Your DOMAIN NAME is what your site is named (for example, highsierraweb.com). Your domain name should be short as possible and easy to spell out to potential clients over the phone. This name will need to be registered yearly for a fee and once secured, it’s yours to keep. The *HOST SERVICE is essentially where your site’s data is accessed by web surfers. There are many options for hosting services and they all offer different features so price comparing alone is not suggested..

    High Sierra Web can provide you with both Domain Name Registry and Hosting Services with very competitive rates. We charge $120 per year (only $10 per month) for these services. Our virtual hosting server shares it’s IP address with only our clients which means much faster page load rates & prevents the chance of black listing of your site.

    Website design can be approached many ways. We like to see links to things you like, maybe something to model after. Also, the more verbiage and media (photos, video, flyers, etc) you can provide, the easier and cheaper your total build will be.

     Your website will be available to your potential clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They won’t need a local phonebook to find you and you won’t need to spend the extra money on additional ads. And best of all, your site is dynamic which can tell a much better story than a black and white 1 inch ad in the phonebook can. Less expensive, and better performance-  where do I sign up?

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